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Officially what?

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So here I am 4.5 weeks out from IMAZ. The last few weekends have been like this for me:<br><br>
Feb 16-17: 1/2 Marathon (PR)<br>
Feb. 23-24: Run 10 miles (with 5k PR included) Saturday, bike 100 Sunday<br>
Mar. 1-2: Run 12 miles (with 10k race included) Saturday, bike 100/run 2 Sunday<br>
Mar 9-10: Run 18 miles, swim Saturday, bike 100 miles Sunday<br><br>
So, I had 3 weeks of centuries in a row and am about beat.<br><br>
On the weekdays I have generally been spinning twice a week (class on my own bike/trainer), doing 2 masters swim workouts, and running 2-3 times. Friday's are always my off day (so I have been taking at least 1 day totally off a week).<br><br>
This weekend (4 weeks from IMAZ) I have a 70 mile organized ride planned for Saturday and a 20 mile run (easy half marathon with extra miles) planned for Sunday. I'm also going to open water swim Saturday afternoon.<br><br>
The next weekend (3 weeks from IMAZ) I have an ~18 mile run and ~100 mile bike planned, then taper time.<br><br>
Weekend after that (2 weeks out) I have a short sprint race on Saturday and a 1/2 Ironman Aquabike (swimming and biking only) on Sunday.<br><br>
All that being said, what do you reduce when you decide you are overtrained? I swam this morning and am not doing anything else until Saturday morning. I am kind of stuck on keeping my weekend workouts because they are kind of milestones in my head. I know if I had to race in 3 weeks I'd be ok to go, but I don't want to start my taper this early on. I have my biggest run planned for 4 weeks out and biggest ride 3 weeks out.<br><br>
Should I reduce duration and/or intensity of some of my weekday stuff? Should I just plain take out a few workouts here and there? Last year I was certainly in the undertrained boat, and it worked out just fine for me, but this is a new "problem" for me!
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Sorry to hear this. I'm doing IMAZ and I've been having a difficult time lately also. I got real sick last week which didn't help. The fact that you have mega weekends could be a problem. Meaning your long bike then run. I have been doing my long runs on Wednesdays so that I have enough time between that and the long ride on the weekend. In my last IM I only did the big weekend once for IM simulation about 4 or 5 weeks out. I would do a 6 hour ride/1 hr brick, then the next day a 3 hour run. Also I would forget the mileage and focus on time. Thinking about getting in a 100 or 20 mile run can be an issue in itself, rather than just saying I'm going to be out there for 5-6 hours and run for 3. Thinking about the mileage may make you end up going out of our zones, even subconsciously, just to make sure you get that mileage in.<br><br>
You may want to take a few "recovery" workouts out, at least a few, but I would keep any BT workouts like the long run and ride. Not sure if any of this helps. Also you may want to bag the races (aqua bike), unless you are just doing this for fun.
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3, 4, and 5 are warning signs. 1 and 2 I do all the time. I don't necessarily agree you should be tired because its IM training, your body is use to it. In your taper you cut back volume, but you are keeping the intensity, so you don't want to be tired going into your taper as that's where you really develop your racing edge.<br><br>
I would agree with backing off, skipping recovery workouts and lowering intensity some, you won't lose fitness by backing off, but can regain your motivation... but I would still bag some of your races. You've been racing a lot and busting PRs... Unless you think they will be stress free. The race environment for me is kind of stressful, I would like to be away from it and relax.
I read your blog. Just know that these feelings are normal, I go through the same thing, and I'm sure everyone else training for such an event do also. Ironman training is tough, super tough, and you are doing something most people can't comprehend, and only a fraction that can comprehend would even attempt it. Sounds like you are on the right track again! Good old Ice Cream!!!!!!!!
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