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Officially what?

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So here I am 4.5 weeks out from IMAZ. The last few weekends have been like this for me:<br><br>
Feb 16-17: 1/2 Marathon (PR)<br>
Feb. 23-24: Run 10 miles (with 5k PR included) Saturday, bike 100 Sunday<br>
Mar. 1-2: Run 12 miles (with 10k race included) Saturday, bike 100/run 2 Sunday<br>
Mar 9-10: Run 18 miles, swim Saturday, bike 100 miles Sunday<br><br>
So, I had 3 weeks of centuries in a row and am about beat.<br><br>
On the weekdays I have generally been spinning twice a week (class on my own bike/trainer), doing 2 masters swim workouts, and running 2-3 times. Friday's are always my off day (so I have been taking at least 1 day totally off a week).<br><br>
This weekend (4 weeks from IMAZ) I have a 70 mile organized ride planned for Saturday and a 20 mile run (easy half marathon with extra miles) planned for Sunday. I'm also going to open water swim Saturday afternoon.<br><br>
The next weekend (3 weeks from IMAZ) I have an ~18 mile run and ~100 mile bike planned, then taper time.<br><br>
Weekend after that (2 weeks out) I have a short sprint race on Saturday and a 1/2 Ironman Aquabike (swimming and biking only) on Sunday.<br><br>
All that being said, what do you reduce when you decide you are overtrained? I swam this morning and am not doing anything else until Saturday morning. I am kind of stuck on keeping my weekend workouts because they are kind of milestones in my head. I know if I had to race in 3 weeks I'd be ok to go, but I don't want to start my taper this early on. I have my biggest run planned for 4 weeks out and biggest ride 3 weeks out.<br><br>
Should I reduce duration and/or intensity of some of my weekday stuff? Should I just plain take out a few workouts here and there? Last year I was certainly in the undertrained boat, and it worked out just fine for me, but this is a new "problem" for me!
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Ha! I promise the half marathon this weekend is just so people will cheer for me and give me water during my otherwise really boring long run! It is a looped course on a soft path so I will just head back out with the marathoners when I finish the half. And, I didn't race AT ALL last weekend! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
And for the sprint and aquabike, I think I may go decently hard in the sprint, but the aquabike will be about finding my groove and having fun. Certainly no hard racing there.
1. I could eat everything in sight<br>
2. I fell asleep at work the other day (that never happens to me)<br>
3. I am not sleeping well at night<br>
4. I have lost much of my motivation to do any weekday workouts<br>
5. I'm slightly emotional (see blog link below...slightly is an understatement)<br><br>
So maybe this is typical, but whatever it is, it can't continue much longer before I just throw in the towel all together, thus the need to probably back off a bit.
Thank you everyone for all the advice. I really do appreciate it!<br><br>
The 2 days I've taken off and filled with Ice Cream are already helping a lot. It is going to be a beautiful weekend here and I'm looking forward to hanging out at the lake we do our open water swims in (ok, scuba pond with a trailer park, but I can imagine).
So, I'm a typical stubborn triathlete.<br><br>
I proceeded with my weekend workouts as planned, but they were wonderful.<br><br>
I rode Saturday in an advertised 70 mile ride, but it ended up only being 64 miles. It was my first time to bike on fresh legs and felt just awesome. I flew with pratically no effort!<br><br>
Then I did a 2000 yd leisurly open water swim. It was 85 degrees and sunny here Saturday, so I was just happy to be outside and probably did more floating than swimming, and lots of eating, but its all good. I floated around in the ~60 degree water without my wetsuit afterwards to "ice" my legs.<br><br>
Sunday I ran 20 miles and it went well. The first 13 were part of a trail marathon and I added 7 miles to that. My mile 4 split was 20 minutes because a friend went down with a sprained/broken ankle and me and another woman had to carry him to the road! That was good for me though because it made sure I didn't try anything crazy - like to PR.<br><br>
You all should be proud of me for keeping it slow beacuse I could have placed 2nd in my AG with my recent half marathon times, but I was a good little IM in training and held back and had an awesome longest-run-before the ironman.<br><br>
I'm taking today off for sure and tomorrow will be a light swim and/or light run if anything. This weekend is my last big weekend and I'm not going to push it. I'm aiming for 100 on the bike, but if I'm done at 70, I'm done at 70. Same for the run - aiming for 16-18, but will do whatever my body tells me to do. And then I'll stuff my face with coke and candy on Sunday because I gave it all up for lent!!!
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I think I may have to carry a few more men out of races or else I'm going to hell. It seems as if someone told my other identity that lent ended on Sunday. I've been terrible since then!!! Just with the candy though - still haven't had a sip of anything carbonated/caffeinated (well, except infinit), and no fast food.
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