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Sometimes when I run, weird things go through my mind. Here,s a sample. (Not too much laughing please)<br><br><br><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">VRAA</span></b><br><br>
Leaving Fairbanks, headed to Key West<br>
Three teams will run to see who?s best.<br>
A virtual race, it?s just for fun<br>
The gauntlet?s thrown, the banter begun<br><br>
Out the door I hit the road<br>
I do my best to share the load<br>
My Ipod cranked, the music?s good<br>
I take off through my neighborhood<br><br>
The sweat feels good my muscles flex<br>
My thoughts right now are not complex<br>
The run drones on, I start to lull<br>
The run becomes mechanical<br><br>
Birds on wing soar to the sky<br>
Swaying palms I go running by<br>
I find my stride, I hit my zone<br>
In my ear is Celine Dion<br><br>
My heart beats fast, my lungs inflate<br>
My endorphins flow, I inebriate<br>
My shoes they keep a steady beat<br>
The pavement glides beneath my feet<br><br>
My pace slows down, I start to tire<br>
One final mile, my heart beat higher<br>
I see my house, the finish line<br>
Adrenalin rush, success is mine!<br><br><img alt="laughing9.gif" src="">
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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