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I think I've had a few weeks of trying to catch up well and one more trip over the divide and back this time in the big vehicle Yo saw-the unimog. Now its time to slow down and catch up!

I virtually attended the Wyoming Snow safety and avy workshop the last 2 days which let me make a huge dent on my backlog of papers and paperwork! I kept pulling out anything urgent all summer then tossing back the non-urgent. Made for a good summer of backpacking and such but now...
Meanwhile its been snowing and blowing and more snowing out. Is it the final winter start or will it melt out one more time? My gravel bike is sitting all dusty in the barn I took it on the trip over union pass and got a few rides in but that might be it for the season?

I did get in a 2 mile walk and some strength training during the conference.

I need to get new winter snowshoe boots I do have my various tele ski boots but I can empathize wiht ZOj's boot hunt. It seems like supplies are growing a tiny bit for the outdoor industry I hope you find what you need!

I am trying to settle on my "fall" workout cycle and contemplating all the options... There wont' be enough snowpack for x-c for probably another 3-4 weeks but you never know. I have to get some bindings mounted on my new xc/bc skis I wore the old skis out last year. I have a lot of those equipment things to do, cleaning inventorying, putting away, taking out sharpening, tightening etc. I ordered a ski pulk for winter adventures!

I've been workign with my virtual trainer for a little over a year the focus was on my neuroma which is long vanished (may exist but doesn't hurt) I've noticed lately a lot of increased balance/strength and reduced knee issues. I made a large leap at first and now am fighting to get to the next stage (getting weight back and down) while continuing to increase general strength wiht the usual bumps and set-backs. I could either focus on it for the next cycle with 3x/week workouts or focus on cardio-swim in the EP and ride on the trainer and drop it back to 2x/week. I've had a 3x per week paln since September but I struggle to keep up with it. I just turned up the EP to 69 from 62 degrees since its supposed to storm all week and its nice to have it warmer. I had only used it 1-2x/week over the summer, swimming more in lakes and hiking a lot. It would be good to rebuild my workouts until x-c ski season hits too hard :)
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