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Nutrition Seminar tomorrow night

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So the tri team is having a nutrition seminar and social gathering tomorrow night and I'm trying to think of a list of questions to ask. I have some personal ones but what are some general ones that should be asked. General information.<br><br>
I find it odd that it's at a resturant in WI on a Friday night with a Badger Mens game playing. I'm thinking nothing nutritious is going to be consumed!!<br><br>
Fish fry baby!!!
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She is an RD something something that works with the UW Triathlon team
The Seminar is $5 but that is basically to rent the banquet room at the resturant. I did read here and there that you and Snooze were going to do that. When is it and what state is it in?
basically I'm asking about durning training because I'm trying to loose weight and I'm eating a ton and I'm so freaking hungry. I want to know if it's mental or if I'm really hungry.<br><br>
Also I have no idea what to eat on the bike none. I was thinking PBJ and gummy bears. I don't do well with nutrition drinks or gu's or anything with a yogarty texture.
yup I have to write it down for my buddy here at work so I will pm it to you on monday.
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