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Nutrition Seminar tomorrow night

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So the tri team is having a nutrition seminar and social gathering tomorrow night and I'm trying to think of a list of questions to ask. I have some personal ones but what are some general ones that should be asked. General information.<br><br>
I find it odd that it's at a resturant in WI on a Friday night with a Badger Mens game playing. I'm thinking nothing nutritious is going to be consumed!!<br><br>
Fish fry baby!!!
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what is their qualifications? That is a good place to start <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
nice! That is lucky and it is a free seminar? VERY COOL!<br><br>
Ask about post-1/2 ironman... how to eat to recover and how to prevent weight gain when your exercise level plummets for the few weeks of recovery afterward, maybe? I am a bit concerned about that myself after Ironman. Cause I know I won't maintain that exercise level but I will be used to eating that mush and ...ugh. Did I tell you we are pretty sure we are going for Ironman distance 2 months after Timberman?
Florida in October!!!<br><br>
So what are you going to ask the RD specifically for you?
will you let me know what you get as far as advice?
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