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Nutrition Gut Issues

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For those who have major gut, read large intestine, issues, bad enough that you seek medical or nutritionist advice/supervision. Can you tell me what is working for you. What you can tolerate the night before, morning of and during a long (3+ hours) race/workout.<br><br>
Does anyone know if using Immodium can impair nutrient absorption over a long distance race.<br><br>
I am still having difficulty nailing nutrition, I know what I can tolerate, I just can't figure out what sends me over the edge into gut distress. I think heat even moderate temps makes a huge difference, but can't seem to find a pattern with anything else.
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Sorry I haven't responded earlier - I've been reading but too busy to partake!!<br><br>
I take 1 immodium before every long week, every week. Things don't usually get "moving" in the morning for me, if you know what I mean. For longer races (marathon, HIM), I take 2 immodium. For my IM last year, I'm not sure if I took anything or not considering I wouldn't be pounding on the run for at least 9 hours, so I didn't think it would still be effective at that point. I did have it with me I know, I just don't remember if I took any during the race or not.<br><br>
So, if there are any bad issues, I don't seem to notice them. there have been a few runs where I haven't taken anything because things did get "moving" in the morning and I notice no difference at all between taking immodium and not taking it.<br><br>
I also can usually eat normally the night before - but not heavy mexican or anything that has a reputation.<br><br>
I drink slim fast (krogar brand, regular formula, 230 calories/can) before every long run/long ride/race. I usually don't eat anything solid and if I do it is a banana. I haven't had any problems at all with the slim fast.
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