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Now what?

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I have reached my weight goal. I have a BMI of 21. I think this is something I can maintain without too much trouble.<br><br>
My body shape is pretty close to what I want it to be and to what I think is reasonably acheivable. But I do have a couple of jiggly spots I'd like to get rid of. I'd kind of like to reduce my, um, saddlebag area. Is this something I can reasonably hope to reduce with weights and exercise? Or do I need to lose more weight?<br><br>
I'm not sure I'm willing to put in the work to lose more weight. I really don't want to feel like I am constantly chasing those last couple of pounds.<br><br>
How do you decide enough is enough? Should I just ignore my wobbly bits and focus on health? What do you do?
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no; you don't necessarily need to lose weight. you just need to rearrange your weight.<br><br>
do you already weight train? if not, now is the time to start, and see what it might do for and to you.<br><br>
continue to do cardio (are you one of the non-runners? i don't remember). eat healthfully. play with your kids. take days off when necessary. and, add two to three sessions of weight training per week (approx. 20 minutes per session) - start off slowly.<br><br>
how do you know enough is enough? when exercising gets in the way of living. then, you cut back. with kids, your threshold may be different from my own, and that's fine.
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