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Actual: 215.9<br>
Total Time: 30:57:25 (hh:mm:ss)<br>
Average Pace: 8:36.2 (mm:ss:th)<br>
Ave Actual temp: 60.36<br>
Ave Feels like temp: 60.05<br>
Ave Humidity: 74<br>
Ave Pre workout weight: 194.48<br>
Ave Post Workout weight: 189.07<br><br>
1 Race: 1/2 Marathon in 1:43:18 missed distance PR by 30 seconds.<br><br>
Total Miles: 1561.4<br>
Total Time: 228:12:10 (hh:mm:ss)<br>
Ave pace: 8:46.1 (mm:ss:th)<br>
Total # of Runs: 232<br>
Average Run Distance: 6.73<br>
Average Time of day of run: 8:51 AM

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It was a good month for me --<br><br>
95.4 miles, a new high surpassing October's 91.3 miles.<br>
3 runs greater than 10 miles in length<br>
6 runs lasting longer than an hour<br>
First half-marathon race on 11/18 in a time of 2:16:25<br><br>
It seems amazing that I got running again on April 21st.

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118.3M, least since June, includes taper for Philly HM and post-race downtime.<br>
average pace: 8:44 min/mile<br><br>
YTD: 1369.1 miles<br><br>
1 5K race, 21:28 (PR)<br>
debut half marathon, 1:37:27 (Philly)

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November was a down month--took off time due to non-running-related ailment and some time off due to laziness<br><br>
total for month: 106.3 miles<br>
total for year: 1329.5 miles<br><br>
one race in November: 5k in 26:50 (but distance turned out to be 5.4k)<br><br>
Nice running, everyone
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