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NorCal/Bay Area/Central Cal Runner Check In Thread

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Who here can be included in this category?<br><br>
Check in, let's talk.<br><br>
Madera (Central Valley) here.<br><br>
Running Napa in March.<br><br>
....... Bueller?<br><br>
....... anyone?
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Hey folks - checking in also. I'm in the general Napa vicinity myself<br><br>
Hey Henry - I think I remember you saying you were doing Napa. Funny how things work out - I was going to do it also, but then couldn't from something that ended up not happening (an overseas work detail.)<br><br>
Even if I had the running base going, I still couldn't do it - doc says I may have a fracture in my left big toe. Going to get the lowdown this Friday.
I ended up jamming it into a couch leg by accident in mid-September. The first joint was bent downward when it made impact as well (it was dragging along the carpet) so that didn't help matters I'm sure.<br><br>
The toe has never fully healed up since then - the normal ROM hasn't returned, and it still hurts like a mutha' if I bend or hit it in the wrong way Running actually doesn't really cause it pain (save for a residual area soreness after harder or longer efforts) but I imagine it's not helping the healing process any. Plus, I'm not getting a good pushoff from that foot, which has led to all sorts of aching parts on the opposite leg that I've never had ache before.<br><br>
At this point, I just want to know what I'm facing and then get on with it.
Hey Tamster - many of the season tix holders are eager to try to get rid of those preseason tix, especially with it being the Labor Day weekend. You can probably get these at a decent discount if you look through the right sources. My instinct tells me something like craigslist or maybe one of those sites like stubhub or razor gator, or maybe even some of the more hardcore 49ers fan forums.<br><br>
I know some of my sibs have been able to land tix from their co-workers who happen to be season tix holders for the preseason, so they're out there. Just a matter of finding them - good luck!
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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