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NorCal/Bay Area/Central Cal Runner Check In Thread

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Who here can be included in this category?<br><br>
Check in, let's talk.<br><br>
Madera (Central Valley) here.<br><br>
Running Napa in March.<br><br>
....... Bueller?<br><br>
....... anyone?
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I'm targeting the Montana De Oro Trail run in March. It's down in Los Osos which is just below Morro Bay...down in my neck of the woods!
Now you have me nervous!! I'm a masters runner who just got back into running last June after several years off, this will be my first race in my running rebirth and first ever trail race. I'm just doing the 8K course and am just running it to motivate myself and see if I like this trail running stuff. Do you think I bit off too much??
I just looked at their maps and the 8K doesn't look bad. This is the listing of elevation gains:<br>
8K 800'<br>
12K 1670'<br>
25K 3200'<br>
50K 6400'<br><br>
The 8K cuts off right before the really steep stuff to climb Valencia Peak. The longer runs combine loops of Valencia Peak and Hazard Peak, the 50K hits both peaks twice!!<br><br>
I'm still going to give it a try!!!
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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