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Newtons impressions

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Today I used the Newton shoes for the first time... a few people asked me about them before.<br><br>
So... it's inconclusive after just an easy 3mi run, but they're fast. Their shape direct you into a midfoot strike, followed by a roll forward so your foot takes off quickly. I think that's the optimum foot motion... I did around 8:10/mile, which is way faster than an easy run, don't know if it's the shoes or just the excitement of a new toy. They're also lighter because they removed a lot of weight from the heel.<br><br>
Everybody I asked before was very happy with them, except for the heel striker. If you're a heel striker, then it could get painful. I heard about Achilles and ankle problems, but that happens to everyone when transitioning to a midfoot/forefoot strike, right? So if you don't do that already, they're not the shoes for you.<br><br>
I can't know yet if it how it affects my feet... I could let you know in a few days. They feel very weird when walking to warmup / cool down... like walking on bike shoes. I don't think you can run too slow on them. The way I see them, I might use them for up to 10K, but not for a HM or Marathon.<br><br>
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I admit I'm a gear junkie and have tried them out. I've put 450 miles on my first pair, yes I did buy a second pair. For me they've really helped me become a better runner (at least I believe so). It actually took me about 200 miles before I realized this and I actually had more pains in my legs when starting out with them. But I think this was because it changed my running style to be more forefoot, and I was using muscles which I was not accustomed to. When I fatigued I would go more heel. Now after long runs my legs feel much more fresh than they use to.<br><br>
I had some issues with my left heel that have completely gone away with Newtons. That may be coincidence, who knows, but I just finally got my second pair. At about 400 miles they felt different. It was difficult for me to buy a second pair at that cost, and I almost went back to my 60 dollar pair of mizunos. But now I run much less then I use to when I just did marathon training, so I get more time out of them. I definitely do not think they will make you faster or anything, but possibly more efficient, depends on your running style now. I'll keep at them at least for 2008.
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I used them in the Chicago Marathon last year and have been putting a lot of miles on them. It took me awhile to get use to them and I switched back and forth between my old Mizuno's for long runs. Once I got in sync with the shoe they actually became much more comfortable on long runs than my Mizunos and now I stay on Newtons only.
Good luck, I hope they work out for you. One thing to be aware of that I thought was odd that they do seem to wear out fast on the outside. They even state this on their website in that the shoe wears out differently than most, wearing out from the outside in as opposed to the inside out (something like that). But they said don't worry keep going, and I did. They felt more comfortable as I went along.<br><br>
I wish I worked for Newton!
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