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Newtons impressions

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Today I used the Newton shoes for the first time... a few people asked me about them before.<br><br>
So... it's inconclusive after just an easy 3mi run, but they're fast. Their shape direct you into a midfoot strike, followed by a roll forward so your foot takes off quickly. I think that's the optimum foot motion... I did around 8:10/mile, which is way faster than an easy run, don't know if it's the shoes or just the excitement of a new toy. They're also lighter because they removed a lot of weight from the heel.<br><br>
Everybody I asked before was very happy with them, except for the heel striker. If you're a heel striker, then it could get painful. I heard about Achilles and ankle problems, but that happens to everyone when transitioning to a midfoot/forefoot strike, right? So if you don't do that already, they're not the shoes for you.<br><br>
I can't know yet if it how it affects my feet... I could let you know in a few days. They feel very weird when walking to warmup / cool down... like walking on bike shoes. I don't think you can run too slow on them. The way I see them, I might use them for up to 10K, but not for a HM or Marathon.<br><br>
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I'd love to try a pair but won't be spending money anytime soon for a variety of reasons. And I don't think I'd spend money before they went totally mainstream, but please continue posting your impressions. I've heard a lot of good things about them, and I've heard a lot of bad things that more center on nuetral.
I heard the exact same. I saw Newton booths at many of my triathlon expos before marathon. Although I believe the company is onto something, I am skeptical mainly because I tend to be this way on any "new craze" that seems to revolutionize sport. Just doesn't seem right to me. But their literature and a few testaments I've heard sound legit. So I will be following your thoughts on the shoes.
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