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New Seafair Marathon Course/Date

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Ok...I don't mind them changing the course....but why this one??? Both the HM and Full are net <i>uphill</i> runs.<br><br>
Hey, here's an idea! Run them in the opposite direction!<br>
It would be much better to end in a stadium than in a lameass park. Also you'd be crossing a nice cool lake when the temp is warmer. Not to mention the downhill benefit.<br>
Geez, this isn't rocket scientistry folks!<br><img alt="sad3.gif" src="">
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Yeah, I was initially shocked by the proposed changes. I think they are trying to accomplish two things here: an overall flatter course, especially for the full, and trying to lure more people by advertising "running over the lake" on the 520. I think later in the day, the sun could be bearing down hard on the open 520 stretch, so you wouldn't want to run in that direction. It might also be windy across the lake later in the day.<br><br>
What I don't like is the inconvenience of having to take a shuttle bus early in the morning (I presume) from Bell Mall to Husky stadium.<br><br>
So, how is it going? You still running a lot?<br><br>
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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