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New Seafair Marathon Course/Date

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Ok...I don't mind them changing the course....but why this one??? Both the HM and Full are net <i>uphill</i> runs.<br><br>
Hey, here's an idea! Run them in the opposite direction!<br>
It would be much better to end in a stadium than in a lameass park. Also you'd be crossing a nice cool lake when the temp is warmer. Not to mention the downhill benefit.<br>
Geez, this isn't rocket scientistry folks!<br><img alt="sad3.gif" src="">
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I'm not doing so good.<br>
I hurt my back snowboarding and I've just gotten able to run again.<br>
I used to run over I-90 a lot when I worked over there and it's actually pretty nice out there in the summer.
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