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New Mile PR

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Yesterday I was lacking serious motivation and forgot to write down my workout. So I did what I wanted to do-which was see how fast I could swim a mile. I have been working a lot on my pull lately and not resorting to the strength in my legs when I start to get tired. The rules were that I had to stay relaxed, for me this means breathing on the 4 and keeping it that way.<br><br>
Well, I did it.<br><br>
1 mile= 35:56<br><br>
I know this isn't much compared to the fishies in the group, but I am pretty darn pleased with myself. And so is my coach! <img alt="banana.gif" src="">
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Congrats!! It's always good to have a break through! <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br><br><br>
LRR: Seriously its only 36 laps!! Man, my math was waaaaay off. Why, I never calculated it I don't know. I was under the impression that 76 laps was a mile, and was getting darn depressed that my mile times were like 1hr!!
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