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its nice to have a little bit of a breather before the next round starts.. the madness can be overwhelming.<br><br>
so. who are our picks? personally, my brackets are completely shot so i'm starting over again.<br><br>
*unc over wsu. i don't like UNC but they have been playing so consistently its hard to deny they are true contenders.<br><br>
*tennessee over l'ville.<br><br>
*KU over 'nova. nova has been my cinderella team thus far but i think their luck is about to run out. sneaking up from behind is not going to work with KU<br><br>
* WI over davidson<br><br>
*MSU over memphis<br><br>
*stanford over tx<br><br>
*ucla over wku<br><br>
*xavier (for you, dan!) over WVU

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Georgetown losing killed any illusions I had at winning anything in my brackets.<br><br>
Not to mention that it made Missy sad.<br><br>
I can't find fault with any of those predictions.<br><br>
Except maybe the Memphis- Michigan St. one.<br><br>
But, as I have proven to myself often this week, I am sometimes wrong.<br><br>
Thanks for the Xavier pick. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
If I take off my rooting hat, I think that game is probably a toss up.
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