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Name The Sore Spot

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Ok, so I'm being a bit of a whiney biatch<br><br>
Can someone clarify what exactly caused each of these areas to be sore (except the obvious, I ran a hilly 1/2 marathon on a course designed to kill people like me)<br><br>
1. Quads - this is from downhills mostly right?<br>
2. Soleus - ???<br>
3. Gastros - ???<br>
4. Right ITB, but not left<br><br>
Any why the [email protected] aren't my glutes sore? They should be no?<br><br>
Anyway, just curious and bored since I'm not out drinking and I should be studying... oh yeah, I should be studying, gotta go....
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For me, the right ITB has always given me more issues, and I think it's a strength issue mostly - my right side does most of the work propelling me forward and gets worn out faster at least on road races.<br><br>
However, on a trail run, you need strength from both legs depending on how technical the course is. I did my first 25K first time and also on a muddy course to boot and the weaker left ITB went ballistic around mile 12.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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