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Name The Sore Spot

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Ok, so I'm being a bit of a whiney biatch<br><br>
Can someone clarify what exactly caused each of these areas to be sore (except the obvious, I ran a hilly 1/2 marathon on a course designed to kill people like me)<br><br>
1. Quads - this is from downhills mostly right?<br>
2. Soleus - ???<br>
3. Gastros - ???<br>
4. Right ITB, but not left<br><br>
Any why the [email protected] aren't my glutes sore? They should be no?<br><br>
Anyway, just curious and bored since I'm not out drinking and I should be studying... oh yeah, I should be studying, gotta go....
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That was a tough course we ran Sunday Ron, you can fully expect to have some soreness after a run like that. I had some type of knot develop in my right quad during the race and my left ITB made it painful to walk down stairs yesterday. I've been hitting the foam roller like a madman and I've got a deep tissue massage scheduled for tonight. I may have avoided some of that if I hadn't been an idiot and skipped stretching, foam roller and the ice bath after Sunday's race.<br><br>
From what I've read from your posts, you know what to do about it, just keep doing it. The soreness will go away. Just think of it as proof that you pushed yourself to the limits.<br><br>
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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