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Name The Sore Spot

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Ok, so I'm being a bit of a whiney biatch<br><br>
Can someone clarify what exactly caused each of these areas to be sore (except the obvious, I ran a hilly 1/2 marathon on a course designed to kill people like me)<br><br>
1. Quads - this is from downhills mostly right?<br>
2. Soleus - ???<br>
3. Gastros - ???<br>
4. Right ITB, but not left<br><br>
Any why the [email protected] aren't my glutes sore? They should be no?<br><br>
Anyway, just curious and bored since I'm not out drinking and I should be studying... oh yeah, I should be studying, gotta go....
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I agree with Thor. Hills are tough, but if a person trains consistently in hills, they'll be much stronger.<br><br>
On the route I run almost every day there is a hill that gains 200-250 feet over the course of about 2 miles. One of the things I try to do in training is to run up at the same speed I run down. That means I press a bit on the way up and ease off on the way down. I could probably find a different route that was flatter, but I doubt I would benefit as much.<br><br>
I've also been finding that if I do an easy run the day after a hard race, the pain/soreness tends to not be very bad at all. A few weeks ago I did a very hilly 20K - I wrote a RR - the next day I ran 15K at an easy pace, did some good stretching afterward, and by the day after that there was no soreness at all. Now I'm not recommending you go out and run that far after an HM, but 3-4 miles at an easy pace, or even walking, may help alleviate the pain/soreness much quicker than taking NSAIDS and/or icing.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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