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Name The Sore Spot

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Ok, so I'm being a bit of a whiney biatch<br><br>
Can someone clarify what exactly caused each of these areas to be sore (except the obvious, I ran a hilly 1/2 marathon on a course designed to kill people like me)<br><br>
1. Quads - this is from downhills mostly right?<br>
2. Soleus - ???<br>
3. Gastros - ???<br>
4. Right ITB, but not left<br><br>
Any why the [email protected] aren't my glutes sore? They should be no?<br><br>
Anyway, just curious and bored since I'm not out drinking and I should be studying... oh yeah, I should be studying, gotta go....
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And here I thought you were my friend... harumph!<br><br>
Yes, hills ARE tough on your body. They are. Charge a few hills and you're done for a long while and probably good into the next day. But keep at them in your training and your body will learn rather quickly to recover much more efficiently. I mean that. But it takes time. And just because it will then recover more quickly doesn't mean the hills don't hurt any less.<br><br>
But yes, Ron, the problem is the course you just ran.<br><br>
Around my parts there's a race called the Boston Prep 16 Miler. It was the course I did two times back in January as my January marathon distance run. The course is so hilly that very few people even attempt to race it or run it hard. And that's because if you do, you'll be down and out for at least two weeks. Seriously, it is that tough. The point here is that hills are rough, and they get exponentially rougher on the body when you hit them hard without ample recovery between, which is what you find in a race as you hammer near all out.
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