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<div style="text-align:center;"><span style="font-family:'Arial Narrow';"><span style="font-size:medium;">My Run With My Future Son-In-Law</span></span></div>
<div style="text-align:center;">by:satfix</div>
Two days before the wedding. This morning I took my future SIL for a long run. I had actually planned this run 6 years ago or so. I told my daughter that whoever she married would have to be able to run 10 miles with me.<br><br>
Of course, at the time - I was running regularly and had already completed several 1/2s and 2 full marathons. I've been working hard over the last 2 months to 'ready' myself for the run. I'd set this up with him earlier this week. To be honest, I figured we'd probably just do 5 or so miles.<br><br>
He's very athletic - used to run track in HS and now plays volleyball regularly.<br><br>
We left at 8am. And started out. The weather in Iowa has been beautiful and after training in Houston all summer, my body didn't know what to think of the cool morning and low humidity.<br><br>
We had a great talk about everything a Father needs to talk about to the man who will take care of his little girl. It really was a good time and I think it's a time he'll not soon forget.<br><br>
This was an "Out and Back" run - the only question was when we'd turn around. At 4 miles, he was feeling good and so was I - so, I suggested we turn around at the corner. When we got there, I said, another 1/10 and when we return, it'll be an even 8.5miles.. So, he said "OK" (I love the cockiness of youth.. ).. We get there and tell him.. you know another 1/4 and it would be 9 miles.. "No Problem - let's do it"! "You sure???", I ask. He says - "yes - gotta be able to push your limits.." (nice suck up moment on his part)<br><br>
We get to the 9mile turn around and I say - another 1/2 mile and we would be able to make this a 10mile run (My original plan 6 years ago.. ).. He said - "OK - lets do 10" (god, I love being in 'sales'.. )<br><br>
So, we go out 5 miles and turn it around... Everything is good - we're having a great talk. He picked up a the pace around 7miles - I told him, to be careful as the last 2 miles were up hill.. We get to around 8 and he's no longer talking.. (He'd never run more than 4 miles - he's in new territory)...<br><br>
So.. We put on our music (I'm starting to feel the effect of the run; after all, it's been over 3 years since I've been here!!)..<br><br>
All of a sudden, he starts moving forward.. I'm thinking - the kid is gonna try to leave me.. I laugh to myself and slowly reel him back in.. but didn't say a word... In short order, I found myself pulling away from him.. I felt bad, so I slowed and waited for him to catch up.. we still had 1 1/2 miles to go - and the bulk was still up hill...<br><br>
We continued, be he kept falling further behind.. I just kept trodding up the hill and make it to the top.. Look behind - he's a spec in the distance. I just giggle and think - 'Now - to have some fun'..<br><br>
There were some construction guys working on the sidewalk that we ran. So, as I reached them, I told them - "Hey guys, I'm taking my future SIL for a long run.. He's way back there, but he'll be by here shortly. Be sure to give him crap for letting an old guy kick his ass".. They laughed.. AND DID IT!!!<br><br>
I finished the 10 (and it KICKED my ass!) - and then waited.. about 10 minutes or so passed and I see my SIL.. walking in..<br><br>
He made it.. He didn't quit - he sucked it up and made it.. Of course, the construction workers put the icing on the cake.. but he made it.. He had my respect long before this run - but he moved up many more notches for sticking it out and doing this with me.<br><br>
At lunch, I asked him about his 'move' to beat me.. he laughed and realized that was not the smartest thing he'd ever done.... I just laughed and told him he did good and it made my day...<br><br><br>
Time for me to take a few days off and RECOVER!! but it felt great to FINALLY log a double digit run - and to do it with my new son - well, all the better....<br>
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