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My office is moving next summer.

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<p>The rumor has been around off and on for a couple of years that my employer  might be moving but I found out today it's not a rumor.  We will be moving just north of Gainesville, Georgia which is about 30 minutes further from my house than now meaning a 50 to 60 minute commute each way.</p>
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<p>So, I'm debating about maybe renting my townhouse out at a discount do some people I know that won't trash it and buying a small mobile home for Gainesville.  The irony of ironies is I have tons of relatives in that area including a couple of family plots in cemeteries.  I haven't seen anyone on that side of the family for a couple of decades.  Maybe it's time to get reacquainted.</p>
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<p>My new office will be only 2/3 the size of my present office but I'll have a window.</p>
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<p>  My wife's office is supposed to move in October.</p>
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<p>Present location</p>
<p>  - moderate sized "offices" (i.e. movable walls, but they do go floor to ceiling)</p>
<p>  - outside the downtown core</p>
<p>  - plenty of free parking</p>
<p>  - plenty of nearby places to eat</p>
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<p>New location</p>
<p>  - downtown</p>
<p>  - paid parking spot on ninth floor of garage</p>
<p>  - much smaller open cubicles</p>
<p>  - much less convenient to dining</p>
<p>  - much closer to the state legislature (she works for the state)</p>
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<p>She's not happy.</p>
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