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My nieces are concerned.

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Apparently they have had several of their little friends move across the country. Now when they hear someone is moving, they think they'll never see them again! (My FIL just emailed me to tell me this, and it makes me sad for them!)<br><br>
So that explains why they weren't sure about this moving thing when they stopped by on Friday. They were really clingy, and now it makes sense.<br><br>
But we are actually going to be closer to them, and I'm going to put their skinny little butts to work on Friday hauling blankets and pillows so they can be SURE that Aunt Courtney isn't moving AWAY. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> They can't get rid of me that easy!
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Involve them, absolutely!!<br><br>
This is also a great time to show them maps.....are they old enough to understand them?<br><br>
How old are they?
Oh yeah...they're old enough for maps.<br>
If they get a bit confused, you can always draw one.....<br>
Be sure to also show them where their friends moved, too.<br>
To help them understand WHY they can't see their friends anymore.<br><br>
Show the states....<br> is a great online tool that you can use to show them where you are in relation to where they are.<br><br>
take them on a ride!<br>
Start at your house, go to theirs...<br>
see if they can identify landmarks.<br><br>
These are the things that my sister does with her kids so they know where dadd works, how to get around in Nanny & PopPop's town...etc.
I live far from my nieces..... 11, 6, 4 (ok, the smaller ones will have b-days this weekend, so I've "aged them up" here).....<br><br>
One of the things that my sister tells me, and I've really found it to be true, is that at that age....the simple stuff is what they LOVE><br><br>
Go to the park.<br>
Get ice cream<br>
Send stickers in cards<br>
Take them to lunch (one on one)<br>
Play cards.<br><br>
Oh....I found 3-D chalk at Walmart last weekend. I'm thinkin' the 4 yr old will think that that's super cool. Hell, Aunt Stitcher thinks it's cool and may just keep a package for herself. lol
3-d chalk makes 3-d pictures on the sidewalk.<br>
hoses off.<br><br><img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
I found it in the aisle with all the crayons and stuff @ Walmart, sorta near where office supplies are.
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