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heel pain: definitely could be PF, people typically complain of arch pain...but definitely can be in the heel...mine is. When I saw the podiatrist, he definitely showed me that it was PF when he pressed on the arch area where everything meets and laughed because I said my arch didn't hurt and he pressed and I yelled. Possibly you did have some PF that wasn't really painful and now you have heel spurs as a result. I've had the typical PF where it hurts in the morning and gets better. My current case is all day, I can sit for 2 minutes and then get up and "holy mother...."<br><br>
butt pain: this one scares me a little. It could be piriformis, but with the shooting pains, sounds like you may definitely have some nerves involved (sciatica). Get cracking on "core strength". do kegels with you abdominal workouts. If you have pain while doing ab workout, get thee to a doctor.... If you a woman that's given birth, I'd highly suspect piriformis. I had a bad bout and went through PT. It's core,core,core.<br><br>
Shins: ehh. I wouldn't worry<br><br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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