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My first DNF

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I just want to thank you all for the great advice you monster runners give out all the time.<br><img alt="notworthy.gif" src=""><br><br>
Short version: <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> we missed the cut off by 6 minutes.<br>
We needed to make it to the 35K in 5:30 and we did in 5:36.<br><br>
Full version here:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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LOL- you guys are killin' me.<br>
Doug, I just tried that ankle tape and by golly I could tell a difference.<br>
I'm sure I'd get better with practice.<br>
I rolled my left ankle hard last Aug and it still acts up after technical stuff.<br>
It also flared up after a 5k a few weeks ago.<br>
Didn't think I'd need it today. But I ended up jumping ice ruts for several hours on a FS road. It definitely helped.<br><br>
Listen to Doug, Ty.<br>
He knows what he's talkin' about.<br><br>
And for the record<br>
I didn't shave,<br>
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JJJ, trust me, I am seriously taking notes.<br><br>
but I don't buy your "did not shave" story... <img alt="wink.gif" src=""> c'mon... spill the beans...
Serious notes are those written on each others bodies with a felt tip pen but with erasable ink. Even if one is penning "four score and.." it sure feels good.<br><br>
Rather than "hands on the home row keys" from the old typing class days, get those pens up and skin exposed. <img alt="blush.gif" src=""><br><br>
JJJessee, I'm glad the tape worked for you. Like the sign in the men's room aim to please. Oh wait, that please aim. I'm so confused with a pen in my hands. <img alt="roll_eyes.gif" src="">
huh?<img alt="uhoh2.gif" src=""><br><br><img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Bummer about the DNF...but we probably learn more from those experiences than ones where we finish happily & comfortably.<br>
With regards to the ankle, there are a couple of things that will help you immensely....running more trails (duh!) or using a wobbleboard to strengthen your ankles, or run with your feet pointed slightly outwards (run like a duck). Ankles roll towards the pointing your feet somewhat outward, you protect them (try rolling your ankle inward). This is probably one of the best tips a trailrunner will ever use.<br>
I'm not a big fan of taping...unless you are protecting a pre-existing weakness. The problem with preventative taping, is that you don't actually strengthen the fact, you weaken it since it relies on the tape for support.<br>
When I was a climber, I used to tape my fingers tendons but they would recover slower than untaped digits for this reason.
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tks Mud! I think I need the taping since it's the ankle I sprained last fall and ran through it too much. I need to give it a break. But I like also the idea of starting to work with the wobbleboard. I never thought about the duck running. I am a supinator. Wouldn't that hurt my knees?<br>
On this weekend's LSDs, I couldn't run at Umstead, so instead of using the sidewalk and road all the time, I used some of the grass (along the sidewalk). It's not too rocky, but it is more irregular (and softer), so maybe that could be a beginner's strategy for me when I can't be on the actual trails.<br>
I just signed up for Umstead TRail Marathon (1 month before the 50) and there will be some single trails on the course. Not all the way, but mabe I will feel I was able to finish something at this time (although it's not a 50K <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> )
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I think a smart taper before your first 50 miler will do you well. You ran a marathon the week before your first 50K, not a good taper, imo. If you had fresh legs, you would have had no problem making the cut offs. Good luck with the rest of your schedule, see you at Umstead <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
I agree but I don't. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> For a pre-existing problem taping is must before it can start to heal. I don't suggest you tape 24x7 unless you jump out of trees for a living. Those ligaments and tendons are very slow to heal and once they get stretched once too often, all the exercises in the world will not bring them back. Ask any of the old timers that regually roll over and never knew to taoe - they have to tape today to get into their car.<br><br>
As for a race on questionable terrain I tend to be conservative and tape. I always thought I had industrial strength ankles until I sprained my ankle at mile 15 of 50. My error, I dropped my guard for just a second and over I went. I finished the race but I can assure you, I did not have to stop to tighten the laces on the sprained foot. <img alt="sad2.gif" src=""><br><br>
In just about every race that I do there are a few times that had I not had tape, I may have rolled over. It's not that I'm a suicide runner but as best I try, there is always a time and that wonderful sensation when the tape saves you. And when your at mile 40 of a 50 or 70+ in 100 when your tired or it's getting dark, I want that safety valve. As we know sh*t happens. <img alt="blush.gif" src=""><br><br>
So yes, strengthen them as best you can but I would not hesitate to tape on race day and at least eliminate one of the potential problems.
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