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We got a beach va-k in 2 weeks and I wanted to drop a couple extra lbs by then. i have never tried to loose more than 1-2 lbs a week since i've heard its bad, but figured what the hell, it's only for 2 weeks, lets see what happens.<br><br>
I've lost 1.5 lbs each day, now 4 days into my 14 day diet.<br><br>
here is the regiment:<br>
day 1 and 2:<br>
breakfast = bowl of kashi high protien/high fiber cereal and glass of OJ<br>
lunch = a lean cuisine meal<br>
dinner = 3 or 4 beers (preferrably a dark Stout or thick beer)<br>
day 3: same as day 1 and 2, but eat a medium dinner.<br>
repeat all 3 days until end of 2 week period.<br><br>
After 4 days, i feel damn hungry, but I am still completing my runs at the same time. Is there anything I should expect if I keep on this path, having never tried this before?

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Other than a lifetime membership to AA?<br><br>
I kid I kid!<br><br>
I love a good microbrew as well.<br><br>
This isn't the type of diet where all the LB's will most likely stay off, but if you aren't feeling any ill effects and it's only for a short time and it's about vanity and not health... what the hell...

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If you are getting light on carbs (Glycogen) it can lead to hitting the wall in your work outs - It may be tomorrow or after 5-6 days - not at all.<br><br><br>
The body stores about 1 pound of glycogen with 5 pounds of water. Many people that go on the atkins diet think that they have lost 6 pounds fast - when all they have done is stripped their glycogen.<br><br>
My guess is that unless you are doing a lot of excercise - You will not lose more than 4 pounds of fat a week (Lots being 3 hours of aerobic per day) Alcohol also inhibits the process that the body used to burn fat as a fuel source.<br><br>
Although when you strip hydration and glycogen along with 5-6 pounds I am sure you will look "Marvelous" for the beach. Also the lower hydration will allow you to get much more mileage out of your beer/booze as happens when your blood thickens.<br><br>
Keep it up and report how it goes -
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