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This is from Melistic...who had a log over at CR.<br>
As multisport peeps we have lots of different things to keep track of.<br>
Thanks mel for giving your opinions!<br><br>
I erased everything I put in. Without logging it's hard to say. But just by looking around last night, slept on it looked around again today...<br>
Feel Free to forward<br><br><b>Here's what I like:</b><br>
*Layout. I really like the calendar page<br>
*I read we'll be able to import/ export<br>
*You can change week start date<br>
*Shoe log (needs a mileage total on shoe page)<br>
*Add/ Edit/ Delete workout =easy<br>
*User Friendly, easy to find, light years ahead of Active!!!<br><br><br><b>Here's what I don't:</b><br>
*No accumulative time on Calendar page<br>
*No week/month/year running totals- should go on calendar page<br>
*Custom charts resets to default setting every go<br>
(but I'm getting used to it)(the h.r. guys are going to want an h.r. chart)<br><b><i><span style="text-decoration:underline;">*Not Multi Sport Friendly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</span></i></b><br><br><br><b>Slightly off topic:</b><br>
At CR we had our training program included in the daily (week/month/year) It would be really, really great to have it also integrated into logs here. For example I had many clients doing C25K. so when they logged in it said: run 2 miles or rest day or cross train. It showed a week at a time. A marathon plan would show me the whole week, in case I needed to change something around. Just sayin. it would be nice to have it here. Currently I'm strung out w/ a log a RA, a plan on a different sight, and my imaginary friends all here. Plus I still have to go out and search local sites for races. <img alt="uhoh2.gif" src=""><br><br>
I don't want to seem critical. I like this site.
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