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<i><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><span style="font-size:xx-small;">Written October 3, 2009 by robmckim2:</span></span></i><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"></a><br>
2nd place PR!!<br><br>
It was a perfectly beautiful morning for the Morley Fall Festival 5K in quaint little Morley, Mo today as I set a PR.<br><br>
Although I have not been training due to my son’s catastrophic illness and hospital stays all summer long, I accepted my cousins invitation knowing that I have done only a little running over the past few weeks, none totaling 3.1 miles but Morley is where many of my relatives reside, so I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to see a few of them!<br><br>
It was a crisp 50 degrees (estimated) as we lined up at the starting line and heard the crack of the starters pistol. Running with my cousin for the first couple of minutes, I decided to go on ahead and see if I could do what I had set out as my goal for the day; a sub-30 minute 5K. The sun was still low in the sky but bright and it felt good as the cool air gently blew across my warming skin.<br><br>
I didn’t complete it with the grace of an elite marathoner and I certainly don’t “look” like a runner but I felt great coming in the last few hundred meters running and stretching my legs out further than I had the whole run. I was so excited watching the clock the last stint that I felt NO PAIN-I was doing it, setting a PR and reaching my goal for the morning…sub-30 minutes! When I crossed the finish line at 29:37 I could barely breathe but i got my stick and moved on to catch my cousin and finish with her.<br><br>
I’m sure I looked like a dork, walking around all morning with my medal around my neck but honestly, I was giddy! This was the first time I got anything (other than t-shirts) from my running and I got 2nd place in my age group; something I definitely did not expect. I didn’t set any World Records and although there wasn’t much competition I know that I am my biggest competitor!<br><br>
Today I love running…anyone else!?!
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