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More Umstead...

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Since the other one got so long, I figured I would start a new thread about Umstead.<br><br>
So my prep for the 50 is going nicely, I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.
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I heard Ginger Brandy helps with jitters... oh and peanut butter pretzels!
My friend Lisa is coming as crew as long as her compny doesn't send her to Europe that weekend!
She's hoping not, but some of my Hokie friends are probably going to be there too.... there will be beer drankin if they are around....
I couldn't agree more... you are the best!!!
GB and Hummus!?!<br><br>
Woohoo... it's going to be a good time!
WE can make fires, but only in the pit and only if there is not a burning ban... our cancern last year was the size of the fire and the kids olaying with the fire!<br><br>
Alemma- don't be scared... just got out and run your race. They are going to be plenty of people from KR there, so you'll have tons of people cheering you on. Where in VA do you live?
No worries Alemma... I just got word that my friend Tara, aka Dirty Bird and a fellow Hokie is swooping in to crew and be her usual motivational self!
DEturtle- Running 50, going to try to pace Last loop for Durt<br>
I'm bringing along<br>
From Delaware:<br>
My Friend and vetern Team Slug RD as crew and motivation<br>
From VA:<br>
My friend and fellow hokie as crew and good times<br>
Possibly from Md:<br>
another friend and fellow hokie as crew and booze meister<br><br>
there are a few other De slugs/trail dawgs coming
I ordered my new ones a few weeks ago and got them in a week.
1 - 10 of 171 Posts
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