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More Umstead...

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Since the other one got so long, I figured I would start a new thread about Umstead.<br><br>
So my prep for the 50 is going nicely, I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.
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Hey all,<br><br>
I posted this last year for the Umstead Runners. I live ~20 minutes from the park and run there most weekends. I ran the loop of the 50/100 course with my Garmin for kicks a while back. Best of luck to everyone!<br><a href=""><img alt="LL" src="" style="width:525px;height:299px;"></a>
Don't be too sure. I'm WAY out of training. I haven't gone more than 15 since my Masochist DNF, and haven't had a double digit length run since before X-mas! I'm going to try for a 3-4 hour run in about 10 days (Feb 21). My schedule hasn't allowed more anything more. I'm just trying to keep my streak of finishes alive, I'm 4 for 4 so far!<br><br>
(sorry to hijack the thread)
Just noticed the picture link wasn't working. Here's another try...<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Just saw this on the Ultra list...thought it might be of interest...<br><br>
Hi Gang,<br>
Umstead is fast approaching and many runners try to anticipate the splits needed for each lap in order to finish, or, achieve a sub 24 hour finish. Check out our results website at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I'm sure you can find a suitable finish time and splits that will give you a fair pacing strategy. It's also handy for crews to know when you will be at one of the 2 major aid stations. We're looking forward to seeing at least 250 of you and your closest friends there.<br><br>
BTW, the website also contains splits and history for the Vermont 100 from 1990 to 2006. Just substitute Vermont for Umstead.<br><br>
See many of you very soon.<br><br>
Joe Lugiano<br>
Assistant RD and Race Statistician
1 - 4 of 171 Posts
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