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More Umstead...

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Since the other one got so long, I figured I would start a new thread about Umstead.<br><br>
So my prep for the 50 is going nicely, I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.
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I am 10 mins away and try to get there as much as possible.<br><br>
Once I get back from Jacksonville (next weekend) I am going to try to run at least one loop every Sunday as part of my long run if anyone is interested let me know.<br><br>
I registered last year and had to defer it due to a business trip. We plan on heading over there and making a 4-5 day weekend out of it so the run is only a subset. I run practically little flat distance so next weekend in Jacksonville is probably going to be just as bad. Highest elevation is 30' according to the course profile.<br><br>
Thanks for the advice on the post race massage, now that you have me looking for the bus to hit me at mile 20 I will keep that in mind.
I just came back from 20 at Umstead. It couldn't have been better, almost too warm which I am sure everyone in the cooler states wants to hear. The temp was 58 degrees when I started at 10..... I couldn't get out of bed this morning. Starting on the 24th I will be running at 8 from the parking lot off Harrison Avenue. (Reedy Creek) Let me know if anyone is interested, I usually run the Turkey Creek Loop (10 miles) nice and slow - today was 3:40 for 20.<br><br>
I meant to take a camera and will try to remember when I get back from Florida next weekend to get some pictures. Let me know if anyone needs anything or wants us to run down some information locally.<br><br>
Not sure if fires will be allowed, we are in severe drought here in NC. It is going to take a great deal of rain between now and April for it to change I think...
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I am going to be there although for me it is my first 50. My wife will be there to help out and if anyone needs special requests send them along ahead of time as we live in Cary ~8.5 hilly miles from the park.<br><br>
For pacers not sure who is available but I run with a local group occasionally that would probably be very happy to pace if anyone needs one. I can send out a request to them off line and check interest.<br><br>
Look forward to seeing everyone there.
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