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More Miles Than Degrees Club

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The Midwest is locked in the throes of an arctic freeze so I though this might be a good time to resurrect the More Miles Than Degrees Club, an elite club for those winter runners crazy enough to venture out into winter's fury.<br><br>
The entry requirements are simple: If you run more miles than the number of degrees Fahrenheit showing on the thermometer, you are in. Wind chill does not count, but it does make for good bragging rights.<br><br>
I did and easy 6.25 miles this morning at 3 degrees. The wind was an impressive 30mph which made for a -21F wind chill. I did see one other veteran (read crazy) runner out, but not another soul was in sight.<br><br>
Anyone else?<br><br>
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Got you beat, Tom. I did 14.25 miles at -10... there was wind, but don't know what the windchill was.<br>
Saturday I ran 8.25 miles of hills at -8...<br>
Last week I did 13.2 miles at -20.... No wind to speak of, just freakin' cold.
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