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More "fun with toddler talk"

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My little 2.5 year old cousin is hysterical...cutest little thing. So apparently, they were at church last week and a Franciscan friar was there, shaved patch on the head and long beard and everything. So, halfway through the mass, little Lizzie yells "Look! A pirate!" <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Then, at the end, she yelled "Is that Santa Claus?"
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We're working on potty training with my daughter (she's 2 and a half). Some days go well, others not so much. We were watching tv last night and she blurts out, "Daddy had to wipe poopy off my big girl parts." Right out of nowhere, it came. It's like their brains work in totally different ways than the rest of us.
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