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More "fun with toddler talk"

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My little 2.5 year old cousin is hysterical...cutest little thing. So apparently, they were at church last week and a Franciscan friar was there, shaved patch on the head and long beard and everything. So, halfway through the mass, little Lizzie yells "Look! A pirate!" <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Then, at the end, she yelled "Is that Santa Claus?"
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My husband had surgery 3 years ago and he ended up with a serious infection. He had to have a pic (sp) line put in. Home health sent a nurse to our house to teach me how to flush out the line and give him his antibiotics. The poor woman was extremely overweight. After a while, DS turns to her (he's 3.5 at the time) and says, "You are reeeeeeeally fat." D'oh! She said, "Yes, some people are really big people." I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. We had to have a talk with him and explain that you don't tell people they are fat.<br><br>
For a couple years, you couldn't even say the word, fat, without DS saying, "That's not a nice word." You weren't even allowed to say things like That has a lot of fat in it. He'd get upset.
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