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More Computer help needed

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I bought a new computer about 2 weeks ago and it is still in the box. I was going to at least get it set up and start transferring a lot of the files from this current computer to the new one. Is there an easy way to transfer the programs themselves also without having to reload them all? Does that make sense?
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oh man.<br>
I'd love to watch this. I'm curious as to the messages that might occur.<br><br>
as Rich said, using Ghost or other imaging software works if you're using identical computers - that's the only way to install an entire drive at once.<br><br>
bitterroot essentially made a crossover cable to connect his machines directly via the ethernet ports. there are USB cable with a converter that do the same thing - pricey for what they do IMO. crossover is a better option.<br><br>
Rich's external drive is your ideal situation. use the drive to transfer, then as backup. but make sure you regularly backup your important info. There are devices now that will allow you to put that external drive on your network so you can backup to it from all your computers.<br><br>
Reinstall the programs. it takes a little time, but it's the only way to do it.
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