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Monday the 28th thread

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<p>Good Morning, </p>
<p>Just another Monday.  Going to work from home today.  Planning on visiting Santa for our annual picture this afternoon/evening. </p>
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<p>Have a good one.!</p>
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<p>good morning. up too early but slept half decently last night, sure the 14 mile run helped, LOL. going to the zoo today with my friend and her 3 boys, it should be 66 today!!!</p>
<p>porty- hope your foot is ok.</p>
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<p>we are going to a photo portrait place tomorrow, i got a super offer via email, so i am excited. we will eventually do a santa picture but we had two epic fails last year and at the mall it is $35 :( and you cannot use your camera.</p>
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