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Monday November 1

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<p>Wow, can't believe I'm starting.  Up and out early for a meeting.  Rest day today after two in a row.  My body feels those two days but all normal stuff.</p>
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<p>Have a great Monday!</p>
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<p>Dan - 2 in a row is a good start, enjoy the rest</p>
<p>Loopy - Glad your bro finished.  That was nice of you to be out there for him</p>
<p>BBS - have a good fiver</p>
<p>4boys - way to get out there early</p>
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<p>Nice long runs over the weekend, and great 10k Hawk!   I managed to avoid any exercise this weekend, but put in 90 at yoga this morning.   Motivation is getting tougher.  I'm flying out of town for work today for a couple of days.  At least I packed workout clothes, maybe try to get in 1-2 elliptical or stair workouts.</p>
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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