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Monday, May 15 - Workouts!

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Hey gang! Forgot to post over the weekend...

Geo- welcome back! impressive ride! I have yet to get outside (maybe this week) and when I do it will be more like 8-10 miles lol. I've only been doing 1/2 hour stints on the trainer since elbow surgery in the fall.

Nothing much for me over the weekend - did take the pup to a local state park Sunday am for a walk around the reservoir there, but that was about it. A lot of puttering around the house and organizing...

Yo - thanks - Happy Mom's day to you too! I was under the impression that parenting would be a bit easier with adult children, but ah nope. DS isn't talking to us right now and it really sux.

Nothing for me today either. follow up with the elbow doc - gave me an injection - hopefully it will calm things down so I can get the rest of the strength back. Off to Boston tonight for a Sox game.
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Forgot to post. A commute day for me - short in (11 miles); long home (20). On the way in, spotted a rabbit who was a couple of hundred yards ahead of me shortly after starting the commute. Tried to chase him (was going my way for 7-8 miles), but could not catch him despite my averaging over 21 mph for 3+ miles. Damn he was fast! Funnily enough, he caught me on the return journey (even though it was a different route) - so I got a chance to ask him if he was the morning rider (he was). Only briefly chatted for a minute or so before he went off in a different direction.

Short morning commute ended up being a mid-18's average; evening commute was a slow 16 average. One of those can't escape the headwinds rides. Also - big bummer - they are repaving a section of the commute so that there will be a middle turning lane for traffic, reducing shoulder width from about 10 feet to 5 feet. From my experience yesterday, can tell it's going to make the commute feel hairier (the road was under construction and not lined yet - but cars were travelling as if the turning lane already existed). Will have to ride it a bit after paving/lining is complete to see if it's still something I want to continue (it's a pretty briskly travelled 50-55 mph road, even though speed limit is lower). Otherwise might have to search alternate routes...

Also went on a short (<2 mile) solo walk at lunch.

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