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Monday, May 1 - Workouts!

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Oof - May already!!! What the heck?!?!

Out on the roads for a run at lunch...just under 3 miles done.

That's about it for me.
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T-Fun - are you training for a marathon? 2:30???? Do tell!
We had two super fast runners here before, 2:45/ish runners - Alaska Mike / Thor , come out and correct me if I was off!!

2-mile walk to CVS during s lunch to purchase a card for the Mark’s DD. I can’t believe she has graduated already. He must have been proud … :(

Then, 55min on a trainer to catch up with some reading while sweating big time. Then 10 min stretches

Started seeing the Geo’s pictures!!
this morning as soon as i wake up i run downstairs to get my bike i'm training for an ironman i just completed 4 miles
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