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Monday, March 28 Workouts

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<p>Wow, 1:30 PM EST and no thread-starters yet? Am I missing a zombie invasion or something?</p>
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<p>Meh 5 miler. First two a reasonable sub-8 pace, but finished up at 8:35s. Windy and kind of cold ... still waiting for better weather.</p>
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<p>Standard little run after getting the house cleaning and laundry done. Waiting to see if the school will let our son be on the track team after he fractured his left pinky finger and bruised the bone in his right forearm in a crash on a snowboard last Friday. Track practice starts today and he may not be able to run decently for a few days yet.</p>
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<p>54m 29s - 6.11 miles - 08m 55s/Mi<br><br>
2:05 PM <br><br>
Equipment: Nike Pegasus 01/11<br><br>
Cool/about 50 - cloudy and windy. Crawford/Grinnell to Powers turnaround to Fontaine turnaround to Crawford/Upton/home. Easy pace run. Stretching afterward.</p>
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