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Monday, March 28 Workouts

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<p>Wow, 1:30 PM EST and no thread-starters yet? Am I missing a zombie invasion or something?</p>
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<p>Meh 5 miler. First two a reasonable sub-8 pace, but finished up at 8:35s. Windy and kind of cold ... still waiting for better weather.</p>
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Busy day for me...<br><br>
2 mile keep-the-streak-alive run for me on the treadmill at a hotel gym. Took time to stretch and work deeply on the calf. Think the forced 8 miles of walking on it around the Washington mall, hobbling for the first 7 befor transitioning into something resembling a real walk... That helped greatly. Now thinking that there's a chance I can heal by Boston. Could more days will tell.<br><br>
Spent the rest of the day in a car. Now in Myrtle Beach where it's just as cold as it is back home. Boo.
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