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Monday, March 20 - Workouts!

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Hi gang!
only skied one day over the weekend, which was fine - conditions were "Sporty" before they softened up and then Sunday was colder and windy - felt like January, not mid-March.

out on the roads for ~3 mile run at lunch. knees are bugging me a bit, might be time for new sneaks (they do have 250+ miles on them), but could also be all the bumps we've been skiing lately...or a combination....

Yo - nice on the Bday dinner!
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Zoj - well, hopefully your knees are feeling better. Hard to figure out why certain parts of body acts unhappily sometimes.

2mile walk during lunch. And 5.3mile run to the Mark's place and back. Windy! Headache was bad, oh well.

7th PT session this morning. PT told me that the joint mobility is much better and he would be sending me home with exercises after one more session this week. Basically he is telling me he is done what he could do I think.... If I wanted to get a cortizone shot, it would be a good time, next week, OR after a few weeks of home exercises. Not sure how to make of that. At least I stuck with him for 4 weeks and saw how he could help......
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