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Monday, March 14th

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<p>Hope everyone got up on time today...</p>
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<p>Went in to work early last night, and gotta do it again tonight.  Rainy and col here, so I guess I'm going to stick to the TM.  Hoping to get 5 miles in.  I hope I can find something good on TV...</p>
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<p>Easy 5 for me just around dawn.</p>
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<p>Hey, BBS - have a good one on the TM, you'll probably get your fill of bracket info from tv</p>
<p>4boys - Sorry about the IT, hope the spinning does it some good.</p>
<p>RA - Milwaukee is a week before Chicago (10/2).  It filled up in April last year.  I really would like do the half you're running this Sunday as a long run, but I probably can't make it up there.</p>
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<p>Have a good one!</p>
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