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Hi Gang!
sorry I really wasn't MIA since last wednesday, just busy and forgetful! oof.

Thursday ended up being a DOR, with the exception of dog walk and bowling.
Friday was a short run and softball (we won!)
Saturday - another DOR, but did a bunch of stuff for the condo and hit up a nice farmer's market in VT
Sunday - 30 mile ride in which I actually felt pretty strong..

Today - short-ish run and then two dog walks...with a potential for a third and/or some softball practice with my new glove.

Oh! did see the doc (two actually) for my elbow. looking at surgery in the fall because I can't full extend it and while I can play softball, swim, does act up when I ride and I won't be able to maintain muscular balance because of the lack of movement. Ugh. so tired of my body falling apart...if I didn't want to be so active, it really wouldn't be an issue, I guess...
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