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Hey all,

Weekend was spent going down to RI with DW for a small get together for her father's 91st birthday. Rented one of those outside bubbles and had a nice luncheon in Newport, RI. Frankly, I'm amazed he's lasted this long! Certainly has a lot of memory lapses (who doesn't?) - but otherwise hanging in there physically.

Man - that's a really tough break, Zoj. Maybe time to start looking? Honestly - given how desperate companies seem to be to hire these days, I'm REALLY surprised that they are cutting benefits. We have an accrual (I think it's 120 hours; was 160 in COVID - but maybe that changes once you hit the 10 year mark). Still .... for those people who are going to lose time, it sux bigtime.

That treehouse place looks great, Yo! I know you've posted pix before. DS likes his job - it's at a place that sells forestry drones. However, he was hired as a drone assembler at fairly low pay (<$17 I think - or around there) - but since then he's doing some coding and other data-related stuff, has worked on key projects - etc, but they haven't given a commensurate raise or offered to hire him on in some engineering capacity (even though he has an ME degree and some coding experience now). So - he is sort of looking, which is a pity - because he enjoys the work other than the pay. Hopefully your DD finds something more to her liking...

Oh - and picked up a nice-ish bike for him at a good price, so that made me happy. It was a 2005 entry-level carbon bike from Giant (OC3) with 105 - but also came with some Shimano pedals, shoes, toolbag and a few tools, etc - for the mid-300's in great shape. Score!

Oh - forgot the workout. About 23 miles on Zwift - 15 were a hard "Tour de Zwift" workout ... pedaling around virtual France. It actually ended up being my highest wattage effort so far this season...
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