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Monday Funday, September 12th

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Morning gangstas<br><br>
I start my 'tentative' half marathon training schedule today. But I am also training for an 11 mile trail race which brings me to today's workout -<br><br>
I'm gonna head out to the toughest trail we have, called the red loop. I ran a race here earlier this year. Basically all you do is go up and down the bluff of the Mississippi river for 3 miles. I'm hoping it will help get me ready for the trails in Chattanooga.<br>
Probably just one loop today, plus a warm up mile or so.<br><br>
RA- nice job on the race dood. Could you feel any other Spidey senses? Try climbing any walls yet?
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<p>Hey everybody.  Mom, that's alot of miles.  I'd be worn out mentaly for sure.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>RA- nice race!  I just love looking at those great splits.</p>
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<p>10 miles easy for me today.  The weather was quite nice.  Got a little warm toward the end, but not too bad.</p>
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<p>Who was it that did the Tough Mudder a few months ago?  A friend of mine is asking if I want to sign up with her.  I'm wondering what I'd be getting into.  It's in Dallas March 31 or April 1.</p>
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