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Happy Monday Snowday! We are expecting about 8-9”.

3000yd swim. The pool was crowded in spite of bad roads. Those older people are committed! Then 1:40 XC skiing under 14F (feel like -3F) evening sky. It wasn’t bad at all. Saw a group of 6 men enjoying the same.
A noticeable increase of headache. And also increase of uhh hot flashes. I thought this was behind me (had it for a few months or so and completely stopped). Not fun.

SB - do you swim long distance with 2-beat kick? I came across some drills while I was cleaning up my swim bag so tried today -use paddles but not pull buy. Really exposed my poor timing of kick/arm stroke and not using core, as explained in the drill explanations. Felt really awkward in water. Pls share your thoughts.
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