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The above posts may be the shortest posts by you both EVER!!!!

Zoj - hope your Doc appts went well!
Geo - Mostly Mark. Met his wife many times as she often came to the lake with Mark and walked around the lake as we swam. And some club social outings.

2-mile walk. Then 'ran' errands, dropping off international holiday cards (to Japan, UK) at the post office, pick up some meds, and stopped by library for browsing a few things. 7.3miles, wearing yaktrax (sidewalks were dangerously icy, in mid 20's) and felt great :) I think my headache (from the last 'episode') is finally close to be gone. I always enjoy the face/comments of pharmacy staff, about me picking up meds during my run, or on my bike.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts