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Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Beth: Nice to see you around here. Please stay! And nice run. 14 miles at this point is good.

Yoshi: Sounds like a fun Saturday, and sorry about your friend losing her DH.

TASM: Let's kick this week to the curb! You got this. And glad to see the car outfitted for some fun. :)

Weekend Recap...

Saturday: 15 (?) mile trail run with three others in 2:33 time. Really enjoyed this as we navigated a segment of the "popular" Bay Circuit Trail I've not done before. Struggled a bit in keeping up in the middle, but I knew that was coming, as I've been garbage since my big summer race and all the miles that preceded it. Reclaimed form on a really long grind of a hill. Fun to be out there.

Sunday: 6 mile solo trail run covering some old and some new trails.

Monday: 4 mile run early this morning.

Great day, friends!

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Welcome back Beth!!!!! I'd love to give you an update but I tend to get lost and I post regularly.
Yoshi- Sorry to hear about your friends loss. And DS is now faster than you huh? That has to be fun!!!
TASM- Yay!!!!! What's next for you? More tests or do they give you a break for a bit?
Thor- What's next on your race radar?

Weekend Recap for me-
Saturday- Easy 16 mile ride just letting my butt get used to the work again.
Sunday- 6 mile run.

Today someone has turned on the broiler so DH and I are headed to the movies when I get outta here. I'll get back to it tomorrow.

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Welcome back Beth! I can't recap since I seem to be perpetually behind these days.
TASM - So glad to hear that "shock & awe" chemo is done. I think you can beat me at interval based napping any day.
Yoshi - I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.
Thor - What did you & H decide re: Fenway & C? Little BD & BD have been going to games for our single A team and having a blast. Even though I hate BB, I went yesterday because I won free tix through work and it was pretty fun, despite being 102 degrees and sunny (OOF).

Recap for me
Saturday - 22 mile ride in brutal wind. There was a point where I refused to go further north and turned back. Had to cobble together many different streets to make the miles.
Sunday - Just the ballgame in searing heat.
Today - Another surface of the sun day (103!?!?!) so I'm staying inside and moving my DOR to today. Someone please turn off the oven!

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TASM, Interval-based napping seems like too much work. I think I might try endurance napping for my next attempt at "sport". Glad to hear the S&A is done.

Yoshi, sorry to hear about your friend. I may have missed it, but what happened?

Topo, that sucks but at least now you know what the problem is, and you can work on getting back to 100%. No shame in the IDNF - you'll pick up some valuable experience AND maybe even enjoy the day a bit.

LRR, I have a similar physics problem going on that didn't help my return to running this March one bit. Add some core and glute work back in if you haven't already. I should probably take my own advice on that, huh?

And stay cool to all your PNW'ers!

Just catching up from another busy week. I ran 7 yesterday (all hail the cutback week).

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Lots going on here.

TASM: Yay for being done with shock and awe. So impressed with the tennis ball re-use. Those looked great.
Yoshi: Yay for happy family weekend but sorry for loss of friend's DH.
Beth: Welcome back!
Kaiser: Glad ITB not being a bother this summer so far. Fingers crossed for you.
LRR: You got this!
Monica: Yay for cutback week!
Cak and ksurp: Taper fun! You both have this!
Julie: What's next for you? Cranberry this year?
1Top: So sorry to read the dx. Second opinion sounds like a good thing even for no other reason than it gives you peace of mind. Cheetos make everything better IMHO.
Thor: We'll have to get to Ward in the fall some time.
Geo: Thanks for the offer for last weekend. With my brother and his BF in town I had to limit training schedule as they were staying with us and I did not want to just leave them for hours plus we had other family commitments.
Hobey: I wish wholeheartedly that you would come cook for me. Please :D
TT: You are so right about that work thing. Ugh!

Recap for me:
Rushed home Friday to get in grocery shopping for weekend and get house/bed ready so did not get in swim or anything else before guests arrived.
Saturday: 10 mile run (moved 17 to this coming weekend due to lots of good reasons). Shared 8 of those miles with N2 who turned 18 that day. Family pig out/reunion. Got sucked into ice bucket challenge.
Sunday: Yard work with H and rode the trainer after guests left to drive back home to montreal. I realized again why I detest yard work.

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Topo: So sorry to read about your diagnosis. I like your plan of going to IML anyways and doing what you can do.
Tammy: Nice new bike!
Beth: welcome back!
Yo Sake: I am sorry about your friend's DH.
Thor: nice runs over the weekend!
Hobey: stay cool! I do not find that level of heat enjoyable at all.
Monica: Nice 7 mile run! Woo Hoo!
MQ: Nice running for you too!

Friday: 70' run
Saturday: 2 hour ride followed by 30' run which was my last long workout! This past year of training has flown by and while I have more hay in the barn this year as compared with last year I hope it is enough.
Sunday: 45' swim
Today: 30' run
Time to start refining my lists and packing.

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Afternoon all ... Usual for me (40+ commuting). Took a drive into the tradeport the other day (practice driving with DD) - and noted they were close to finishing off a bike path onto the tradeport (air base). Long time coming ... Personally, I ride the extra 2-3 miles to take the quiet way in, but this will make the commute a lot safer for people who risk the more direct way into the tradeport (which involves crossing two lanes of traffic to get into the turn lane in brisk morning commute traffic). Nice to finally see a nod to bike-friendliness.

Sounds like it's blistering indeed in the PNW! I'd say it's been much cooler than the last few years here in New England. Wacky weather indeed.

Topo - sorry about the bad news as well. Glad you're deciding to follow through with the IM experience for the swim/run - and as much as you can handle walking. Drink it in...

Matt - seems like everyone I know who does cyclocross loves it.

LRR - Keep it up!

Barb - Looking forward to hearing about the maiden bike voyage with the new-to-you car. Something to savor after the last round of suck.

Sorry you're in the dumps, Yo (and about your friend's husband). Sure I'll be going through my own mini-bout with the blues in a few weeks, when DS leaves the nest...

MQ - no worries (mostly offered up in jest). We do have the long century ride upcoming next Sunday (still not sure of the route though).

Also - still wouldn't mind getting together with some of the New England LIT crew for a ride down in Mass, if anyone was up to it ... No running for me, I'm afraid... Maybe we can all figure out something in late September or early October... after everyone is mostly done with their big events for the year...


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Topo...sorry to learn about the diagnosis. Sucks! We'll be here for you on race day no matter what you decide.
Yoshiko...also sorry to hear about the passing of your friend's husband. I got to know her through another online tri forum and I know he fought the cancer (GIST) for many years. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her son.
LRR...awesome to be seeing you here again.
MoCo...cut back week...yay! nice on the 7 miles!
ksurp... :) you got this!
TASM...glad the last round of shock & awe is complete!
Geo...LIT ride in late Sept/early Oct sounds like fun!

Entered taper week #2 today! Have even started to pack things. Tomorrow, I hope to get all of my grocery shopping and food prep done.

Sat: 56 mile ride followed by a 3 mile run; this ride apparently helped my coach settle on a race day FTP goal for the bike. I have no reason not to trust him, but... :-O

Sun: 20 minutes on the trainer (@65% FTP) followed by an 8 mile run (9 min run:1 min walk)

Mon: 45 minute OWS at Walden Pond (last 25 min faster) followed by a 19.5 mile ride (HR znII); later, a really great meeting with my coach

Tomorrow is a day of rest!

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Thor - sounds like a fun time in the woods with friends! Hope you are getting some sleep.
TT - saw your new surprise present on FB! Wow nice! Is that something you were interested in, or a total surprise?
hobey - I love BB, but sitting under a blistering sun is totally 'dislike'. We love minor league/regional league game, so much more entertaining.
em - way to go, 7 miles. Friend's DH has lost a long battle against cancer, only 51yo.
MQ - nice to squeeze all the workouts ad getting ready for the guests. Sounds like a great weekend
ksurp - hay in the barn indeed. You can do only harm from here, so enjoy the taper!
Geo - Mr. Consistency, watch out the traffic as the day is getting shorter and shorter.
LRR - keep up the good work! are you going to an empty nester soon (or one more year for your #2 to leave for school)? t -
Matt - CX bike.... that's a bit surprise to me. You sound like such a free soul... Unless you want a CX bike just to keep riding through the winter. CX racing is a pure 'workout' with a few fun factors (i.e. going over the foot-high boards, sand etc) to me. Riding the course x3~x5 depending upon the course/cat levels, HARD (30min~1hr). MTB is definitely more funner :). You can try CX race with your MTB. Carrying it over the obstacle sucks big time, but MTB shines on any sand, rooty uphills and such.

Totally blah day continues. Not sure what's up with me, other than a suspicion that my iron level or blood cell composition or whatever hasn't returned normal after a blood donation 1.5 wks ago. My thinking is this... the weight min. is 110lbs for blood donation; I weight 113 but if my muscle mass is a larger % than normal 110lbs women, I may have less amount of blood in my body, thus the higher % of blood has been removed out of me, or something. headache, feeling of fainting, just general low energy. I know this is nothing compared to other challenges/difficulties some people around me are going through....All they may be able to see is a dark tunnel.

Anyway, 50min of pool time, 2200m. Bad headache but I was determined to get it done. I feel I am such a wimp.

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Late weekend recap. Spartan Sprint on Saturday. Found out the day of the race that the sprint (3.1 mi )distance had now become 4.8 miles with 5 added obstacles. The race was definitely more difficult than last year but I was pleased with my performance. Unfortunately our team time did not reflect it since we had 2 new much slower folks on the team that we chose not to bail on. 2 take aways, I really miss trail running ( although not with a 35 lb sack on my shoulders) and I really want to try crossfit (I say this after every obstacle race).
DOR on Sunday. Easy spin and stretching monday.

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I am catching up on everyone's posts but not enough to respond yet.

TASM! celebrating the end of S&A along with my birthday, I had cake eating intervals all weekend. A birthday swim of 2.5 miles Saturday followed by cake, a walk more cake, a BBQ cake and then Sunday cake, swim cake and yesterday, a small sliver of cake. I might have had enough cake, how can that be. 3 different cakes were brought to the different events and the rest was left with me.

Topo, my "no running" diagnosis in 2004 led to all this swimming, I am slowly returning to running now but I have a complete swimmer's physique

I need to start riding my bike to get ready for the Nov tour de donut. I have 2 working bikes a MTN bike and a tri bike but I'll be renting a road bike for the event so I'm not sure what to train on. Obviously I need a new road bike but that's just not in the budget.
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